Build the business case for e-signatures

It’s not about e-signing, it’s about what you can achieve with it. Stay focused on your core responsibilities and 10x efficiency.  We will do the tedious work for you.

Team up now to power the automated office of tomorrow

Getting an e-signing implementation added to any IT budget can be a challenge. To secure buy-in for investment, you need to make a strong case. 

Our five-step process guide and fillable template will help you gather evidence and make your arguments for Software spend with confidence.


Send employment contracts, collect signatures, create and manage employee starter packs and keep everything safely organized in one place. E-signing shortens the hiring cycle and helps onboard high-value candidates faster.

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As prospects prepare to make the final leap, formalizing contracts with handwritten signatures can hold things up. E-signatures can activate new contracts in minutes  rather than days or weeks.

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E-signing streamlines finance operations and provides real-time visibility into the status of critical documents.

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Reduce the admin and manual workload around everyday client transactions and send documents with legally binding and secure e-signature software.

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E-signing solutions are the future for IT & Operations teams. Simplify the tedious processes and reduce your teams’ workload. 

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Business Owners

Time and money: is there ever enough of either? Say goodbye to handwritten signatures and you’ll gain more of one and lose less of the other. E-signing reduces costs and speeds-up signing of critical contracts. 

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