A Contract with Yourself

Reach your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

We would love to help you create the best year you’ve ever had. It might take something, in fact, it might take a lot but your potential is not there just for show. It needs to be reached!

Just listing some vague ideas of things you might like to do is not enough. Make sure your goal will not be part of the 80% of new year’s resolutions that fail by early February.

Write your goals into existence and sign your name to really commit to them.
That is where the SignRequest New Year’s contract comes in.

Step 1: Formulate your goal

It’s better to have one clear, achievable goal that has a serious impact than 10 vague ideas. Our advice: choose one resolution that you really want to achieve and formulate it using the SMART method:

S - specific

M - measurable

A - achievable

R - relevant

T - time-bound

Be specific about what you want to achieve. Not “work out more” but “go to the gym twice a week for one hour each time”.

Express your goal in quantities, numbers, and measurements. This will help you keep track of your achievement. Set intermittent milestones to not get too overwhelmed.

Make sure you know your goal is attainable. There is no point in setting goals you know you’ll never reach.

What is the most important thing to you in the next 12 months? Choose a goal that you feel passionate about and you know will have an impact on your overall level of happiness and success.

With goals come deadlines. You might choose to set an ongoing goal for the whole of 2020 or maybe you’re working towards something. Formulate it well.

Step 2: Find a witness

Step 4: Create and sign the contract with yourself

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Sharing your goal with someone else will give you the support you need but also holds you accountable. Choose someone you trust and who is supportive but won’t be afraid to also push you in the right direction every now and then.

Step 3: Choose a penalty (optional)

Breaking a contract has consequences. Take yourself and your goals seriously and choose your own consequences.
Our suggestion: donate money to a cause? Alternatively, you can also make a pact with a friend and give them the money in case you fail.

Now you’re ready to sign your contract.

Good luck and have a wonderful and successful 2020!

This contract is created to help you reach your highest potential in 2020. Choose one goal, formulate it carefully and stick to it.

hereby commit to doing everything in my power to reach the following goal to improve my life.

We encourage you to choose a penalty as an extra motivator. (Optional)

In case I do not reach my goal within the designated time, I will donate an amount to a charity or person I like (or to make it extra painful, by donating to one I do not like).

Add a witness (Optional)

A witness that receives a copy of this contract will help keep you accountable. The witness does however not need to sign.

I allow SignRequest to use my answers for general, anonymous research about New Year’s Resolution topics and to email me next year to check whether or not I realized my goal. (Select Yes / No)

This service is provided to you by SignRequest as a way to help you to reach your personal and business goals. If this has helped you we’d love to hear about it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Please share this initiative with others if you believe it could help them as well.
Contact us if you would like a form that needs to be signed on your own website as well.

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