Through the eyes of GroupM


what is saas or software as a service

With 30.000 employees spread over 400 offices worldwide, GroupM truly is a global, regional and local powerhouse.

The practice of marketing and advertising is a specialist art. It is about bringing numerous factors together in the perfect way. Sometimes it is about tweaking one word to make the whole work. And when it does work, the result is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Companies can skyrocket or crash mercilessly as the result of one single ad campaign. Campaigns that have people talking in all the right ways or all the wrong ones.

With so much on the line and involving such substantial investments, one wants to make sure their brand is in good hands. GroupM offers such hands.

It starts with intelligence. GroupM’s combination of technology and talent keeps you ahead of your competition by giving you a deep understanding of your audience. This enables marketers to create campaigns that are highly effective and relevant. In other words: GroupM helps advertisers be successful.

In order to help your clients be successful, you need to optimize your internal processes. This wasn’t always the case for GroupM when it came to the management of their contracts with external parties.

“We have many, many documents with our providers that require signing as we need solid proof for numerous audits carried out on behalf of our clients. We used to have trouble monitoring which documents had been signed and which hadn’t as several people are involved in each.”

Thanks to their use of SignRequest this is no longer the case. Keeping track of documents has become a breeze.

“We truly appreciate that SignRequest allows us to monitor the status of all requests we have sent.”

The signing log that SignRequest sends all parties after every successful signing is also of great value to GroupM. After all, this is proof of authenticity and makes the signatures legally binding.

“The log data proves signatures are genuine.”

Do you want to hit the right audience with the right message at the right time? Look no further than GroupM. Read more about their services and different global ventures on their website and become a successful advertiser yourself.

Do you want to try out SignRequest and see how it can help optimize your document management and sign with electronic signatures, check our different subscription options or start signing for free right away.

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