Feature updates

Over the last few months we’ve made quite some improvements. All improvements are based on our user’s feedback. Thanks again for your help!

Here’s an overview of the most important changes:

Signed document and signing log: attachments instead of download links

Your documents are automatically stored in your “My documents” overview. In addition, SignRequest sends an email with the download links of the documents to all signers. Now we’ve decided to immediately send the documents as attachments, so downloading the document is no longer necessary for you or your customers.

Only if the document is too large and we receive a bounce message that the attachments could not be delivered we will send a new email with the download links.

Default (team)account

Several users experienced difficulty with logging into the correct account, for example into their private account and not into the team account.
In your account settings you can now determine your default account which you will automatically be directed to when logging in. You can still manually switch. The first branded account you make will be your default account.
This also means that from now on you can use your branded account with Google Docs, Drive and Gmail as well.

Arrow pointing at the Default Account box

Date field

The date field is now by default prefilled to the date of signing which makes it even easier to sign as it skips one step. You can determine whether or not you would like to have it prefilled. In addition the date field format is no longer determined by the language of the browser of the signer, but by the language used by the sender.

Arrow pointing at Required and Prefil Date checkboxes

Template tags

In the template tags you can now define if it’s a required field, add a name and add an id. For more information on template tags have a look here.

Font type

SignRequest now automatically recognizes the font type of the contract and will use this as the font type of the signer’s input.

Multiple documents

It’s possible to add multiple documents that need to get signed. If you want to add a document as an attachment that doesn’t need to be signed you can use the attachment button in the prepare view.

Arrow indicating how to upload documents in SignRequest

Default color of the signature

Signers can now choose the color of their signature (blue, black or red). The default color of the signature is now blue instead of the previous black.

Salesforce Updates

You can find out more about our Salesforce updates here.