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Our e-signature tool compared to competitors
There is no lack of online signature solutions to choose from. With the help of G2 and FinancesOnline we asked our users what they think about SignRequest. We are proud to share the SignRequest reviews with you. 
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Ease of use

Ease of use

Quality of support

Quality of support

Ease of setup

Ease of setup

Why our users love us

SignRequest is safe, reliable and legally binding. We take care of the paper trail while you do business.

"I have used this to get contracts signed with clients, lawyers, venues."

- Luis Q

We pride ourselves on our ease of use. Our e-signing solution is accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

 “SignRequest has no learning curve at all”

-Becky B

SignRequest is no corporate monster. We like to keep things human. Let's simplify work together.

“Amazing support” 

-Debra L

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Secure signing
Fast, safe and legally binding

Compared to our competitors

A word from the experts

FinancesOnline has awarded SignRequest Rising Star 2019 and Great User Experience 2019. And we’re only getting better. 

Users about SignRequest

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The best I found.

"I'm able to use SignRequest from my desktop or phone. My customer does not have to have or sign in to an account. It's also the most affordable I've found with best customization features. I also appreciate that I pay monthly."

- Nicky 0, Licence designer

Simple and efficient.

I love the efficiency of the site. Uploading a document, adding info and signature points and then sending takes me less than 3 minutes. Plus the presentation of the document on arrival at a client looks great. So far all my clients have been happy with the documents I send and some have even started using the SignRequest system themselves.

- Peter M, Managing Director

Perfect Alternative To DocuSign

From start to finish things are easy. Before signing up, reviewing the website, exploring features and pricing is easy and easy to understand. The sign-up process, once you make a decision to use the service is easy to do. The use of the product/system is easy.

-Brittney M, President & CEO

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Very easy to use!

I'm able to use SignRequest from my desktop or phone. My customer does not have to have or sign in to an account. It's also the most affordable I've found with best customization features. I also appreciate that I pay monthly.

-Angela L, Owner

Being able to very quickly send waivers to drop-in guests at my gym, and for them to be able to just click on an email link, sign our waiver instantly, and then I get the email back. I now have their email address that I can quickly copy and add to our subscriber list too, for marketing purposes.

-Aileen R, CEO

SignRequest is a must!

The ease of simply opening the document through my email that needs to be signed and click open SignRequest. Within seconds I can sign and add text to the document. It is very easy for a first time user to walk through without instructions.

-Sarah G, Team Lead, Imaging Project Management

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How to start a free trial?
You can start a SignRequest Free Trial by visiting the Plans Page and clicking 'Try for Free'. You will also be prompted to start a Free Trial whenever attempting to utilize a feature that is only available for paid accounts.
What are the financial benefits of electronic signatures?
The financial benefits of electronic signatures are different per type of organisation. In short, it's a combination of the time you save per contract, the increased revenue from more and faster sales, the value of better customer service and the certainty that contracts are signed and stored in the correct manner.
How can I contact you?
We love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. You can message us on our contact page or send us an email:
Does SignRequest have worldwide support?
The Help Center is open to offer our customers support Monday through Friday at all hours of the day. We have agents stationed around the globe ready to help you with your questions.
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