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6 advantages of a Digitized Signing Flow
With most of our work taking place online, having a solid online signing flow in place is vital to your growth. Save time, money, and resources while optimizing your customer experience with digitized e-signature processes.
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Advantages of digital signing flows


Electronic signatures cannot be meddled with thanks to our hash codes and digital certificates.

Increase conversion

Speed up your sales process by days, weeks, even months and increase your sales conversion rates. Easier for all parties involved.

Save time

E-signatures save our customers approx. 32 hours every year based on 20 documents per month.

Environmentally friendly

20 documents p.m., 5 pages each, printed twice equals 2,400 sheets of paper waste per year. That is impact.

Easy online document management

Digitize your administration. Store, view, track and manage all your documents in one, secure place. You’ll always be on top of your e-signed documents.

Offer a user-friendly experience

Show your customers, partners and employees you value their time by offering them a smooth and user-friendly signing experience.

FAQ about digital signatures

What are e-signatures?
Electronic signatures are a digital alternative to a “wet signature”. Other than with wet signatures, the authorization of e-signatures lies in the digital certificates saved in the signature and documented in our signing log. Learn more
Are e-signatures legally binding?
Yes. Electronic signatures are a legally binding alternative to wet signatures. Both the EU and the USA have a set of rules and regulations in place that determine thelegality of e-signatures and SignRequest complies with all of these. Learn more
Are SignRequest e-signatures secure?
Yes. The security of your data is our top priority. SignRequest has the ISO 207001 certification that proves the data security measures we have put in place. Learn more
What methods of signing does SignRequest offer?
We offer 4 methods of signing: uploading an image of your signature, drawing a good-looking signature with your mouse with a little help of our “beautifier”, typing your name and generating a signature with the SignRequest generator. Each of the methods is equally binding.