Sign from your website

Examples for getting a document signed on your website

There are several ways to add a document that needs to be signed to your website. The two main options are:

1. Add a normal HTML form to your site
2. Add a SignRequest signing link to your website

Option 1 will take a little bit more effort but will offer you the benefit that the information added to the form by your signer will automatically be pre-filled into the document.

Option 2 is relatively simple to implement but in that case the signer will need to add all their data into the fields while signing instead of in the website form. In addition, it's more difficult to combine it with a standard (already existing) form on your website.

Other options will require the SignRequest API and require more technical knowledge from your developers. Find more information about our API solutionhere.

Example 1

To review and sign the document, please fill in the form below. After you've filled in the form you'll be directed to the signing page. If you want to review the example document before completing the form or to use it in your own testing, you can download ithere

(Optionally you can add more or fewer input fields. To keep the example simple this is a short form.)

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.

Example 2

This option is very easy to implement. The main difference is that now the input is not pre-filled into the document based on data that is added into the form. The signer will add this input during signing. Therefore with this option there is no need for adding a form to the site but only the signing link.

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