Update on the SignRequest for Salesforce integration


We’ve made quite some improvements thanks to the help of our users. For the Salesforce integration we've added three important new features: bulk send, easy custom buttons and syncing the signer input back to Salesforce.

Bulk send

Bulk sending hundreds of documents was already possible in the SignRequest web application. Now it’s also possible directly from within Salesforce.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Create a list using list view within Salesforce
  2. Add the "Bulk send" button to the list according to the settings in the installation manual.
  3. Use the button to send a template, if you haven't created a template yet, you can first create a template.
  4. All documents and their status will be visible in the list view.

Syncing the signer input back to Salesforce

It’s also possible within Salesforce to sync the signer’s input directly back to Salesforce. Each SignRequest now has a signer's input object which contains all the input that was added by the signer during the signing process.

Custom buttons

You can now add custom buttons in which you can predefine a workflow and the signers. If you add a template you can also add a default message and subject line.

Please let us know if you need any help with these extra features!

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